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“Mataki”, the blue eye!

Mataki, also known as “blue eye” in French,
embodies a symbol of great magnitude in Greece. It elegantly adorns the
walls of shops and homes, finds its place in passenger compartments
cars or transforms into precious jewelry worn with grace.

  • This talisman carries a deep meaning: that of protecting its wearer or the place where he resides against the dreaded “kako mati”, in other words, the evil eye.

  • This evil eye, a vehicle of harmful energies, is sent by jealous souls, those who “matiazei”, with the aim of sowing chaos and bringing misfortune to the targeted person.

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  • This timeless jewel, both discreet and powerful, embodies the quintessence of Greek tradition. It is not simply an ornament, but a silent guardian, a talisman that repels the dark energies projected by the fearsome “kako mati”. The envious souls, those who “matiazei”, come up against this invisible shield, powerless in the face of the benevolent force of this protective eye.

  • So, hanging the Mataki in your home or shop is not just a decorative act, but an informed choice. It's adding a layer of mystery and assurance to your space, an invitation to delve into the very essence of ancient Greece, where magic and tradition blend to provide elegant and timeless protection.

  • Imagine a world where every look is full of mysteries, where every sliver of blue on a wall or in a car dispels the shadows of bad luck. The Mataki, this “blue eye” imbued with ancient legends, transcends simple geographical boundaries to become a universal symbol of protection and grace.

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